Wind Turbine Manual & Electronic Braking System

Lumenaus MagLev 400w Wind Turbine shown at our test site in Kinglake with the Manual Braking System engaged. Every domestic wind turbine must have both a manual and electronic braking system by law. The manual braking feature allows you to safely stop the turbine for servicing or in the case that the electronic braking system should fail.

All our Vertical Axis Wind Turbines also come complete with an Electronic Braking System which is built into our controller. The Electronic Braking System is programmed to engage when the Wind Turbine reaches 55 volts in high winds and ensures that the Wind Turbine remains at it’s peak optimal and safe speed in extreme wind conditions.


Lumenaus MagLev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Kinglake Test Site

Lumenaus Solar & Wind tests every Vertical Axis Wind Turbine we offer to the Australian market at our Wind Turbine Testing site in Kinglake, Victoria to ensure our product meets the highest standards of performance and compliance for our customers.


Lumenaus Solar & Wind Turbine Hybrid Installation

Lumenaus MagLev 600w Wind Turbine shown as part of a Hybrid Solar & Wind installation carried out on our clients’s guest house in Brighton, Victoria. Traditional Wind Turbines are noisy and vibrate so are unsuitable for home roof installations, the Lumenaus range of Home Wind Turbines however are Magnetically Levitated, which means there is no friction and therefore can be installed on any home or garage roof without disturbing your comfort of living.


Lumenaus MagLev 600w VAWT Detached Garage Installation

Lumenaus MagLev 600w VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) shown installed on our client’s rear detached garage. If you have a sub-power distribution board in your garage or shed the we can install your wind turbine away from your house, and still generate wind power to your home. This type of installation is suited to properties which may have better wind exposure to their shed or garage structure.


Lumenaus MagLev 600w VAWT Detached Milking Shed Installation

Many of our customers own small farms or properties which have multiple building structures with varying wind exposure. Lumenaus will determine the best and most viable position for your wind turbine installation to ensure you get the best result and return on your investment.


4 x Lumenaus MagLev 600w VAWT Detached Shed Installation

In cases where your monthly electricity consumption is very high, you may wish to have multiple wind turbines installed in order to minimize or eliminate your monthly grid power spend. Lumenaus can offer you Interest Free Terms over a 5 year period up to $50,000 for your Solar and/or Wind Turbine Installation, allowing you to have the best system which suits your needs as well as your monthly budget.


Lumenaus Complete Home Wind Turbine Solution

Lumenaus supplied and installed six MagLev 600w Wind Turbines to this particular client’s property as they are running an indoor swimming school on the property and consuming a considerable amount of electricity each month. As our client is required to run their pool filter pumps 23 hours per day to meet regulations, our wind turbine solution allows them to generate power at all times day and night by harnessing the power of the wind.


2 x Lumenaus MagLev 600w VAWT Home Roof Installation

The Lumenaus MagLev Wind Turbines are extremely quiet due to the fact that their magnetic generator is ‘floating’ and as such there is no friction and no noise coming from the generator. The only noise you may hear is the wind resistance against the wind turbine blades, but in most cases this is overpowered by the general noise of the wind as it hits other structures, including the house itself.


Lumenaus MagLev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Inner City Test Site

Lumenaus inner city wind turbine test site in Preston, Melbourne Victoria showing one of our MagLev 600w Vertical Axis Wind Turbines performing extremely well in only 22km/h winds. This shows that our Home Wind Turbines are suitable for any metropolitan home installation and in this case the test unit is positioned directly above our Director’s bedroom because he believes that if he can sleep at night with the thing running, then so will his valued clients!


Virtually Silent Lumenaus MagLev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

This video footage has not been altered for sound, what you can hear is slight wind against the camera microphone but nothing from the wind turbine itself at street level, the units are suitable for any metropolitan area installation provided the wind is not obstructed by other buildings or trees.


Close up footage of Lumenaus MagLev 600w Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

As we get close to our larger 600w wind turbine, again you will notice absolutely no noise coming from the magnetic generator of the turbine itself, and no vibration or resonance. You can only hear the blades cutting through the air as they generate huge amounts of power for your home. Our test site at Preston is in quite a built up area and the homes on either side are so close to each other they are almost semi-detached, however the wind turbine cannot be heard from either home on either side. In fact, when you stand in the room directly below the turbine you see here, it cannot be heard at all and no vibration can be felt even though the roof space cavity is less than one meter.


Lumenaus Wind Turbine Stability & Custom Fabricated Roof Masts

What you can see here is our 600w MagLev Wind Turbine mounted on our Custom Steel & Galvanised roof mast. These masts are manufactured here in Melbourne to the highest standards possible to ensure your wind turbine remains stable and rock solid on your home or shed roof in even the highest wind conditions. We manufacture the entire mast, wind turbine mounting flange, and support struts in high quality thick graded steel and then we galvanise the whole unit to maintain the structural integrity of your roof mast for years to come, without concern of weather degradation or rust.


Lumenaus Wind Turbine Anti-Vibration & Anti-Resonance Mounting System

Lumenaus Solar & Wind takes our wind turbine product development very seriously. These Vertical Axis, Magnetically Levitated Wind Turbines are already extremely quiet, but in higher wind conditions even the highest quality wind turbine will produce vibration and resonance to a certain degree, so Lumenaus developed a unique system of Anti-Vibration & Anti-Resonance mounts which we place between the wind turbine and the roof mast itself. We have these Anti-Vibration mounts custom manufactured to ensure the correct amount of absorption and flex is employed so as to absolutely minimize any vibration or resonance which may otherwise compromise our reputation and the comfort of our customers.


Watch our Lumenaus 600w MagLev perform close up!

As scary as it was for our Director to get this close to our 600w MagLev Wind Turbine, he wanted to show you how stable and how quiet our wind turbines are as they approach higher speeds. On this particular day the wind speed was around 28km/h, and our turbines will perform in as high 60km/h winds, but pay close attention to the stability and noise level of our wind turbine as the wind speed picks up towards the end of this video. There is no better Vertical Axis Wind Turbine available for the home market in Australia in terms of performance, stability and sound than the Lumenaus range of MagLev vertical axis wind turbines.